pixel Mortar - antihumidity and thermal insulation properties
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08 Jan 2012

Mortar - antihumidity and thermal insulation properties

KEFA DrainPutz System with KefaTherm KEFA DrainPutz System with KefaTherm

Drainputz system - a mixture such as plaster but multifunctional.
With these special properties, the system can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Drainputz produce dry walls and controls the humidity in the room.
Thanks to its special properties, Drainputz can be used in very humid conditions, for example, basements or exterior walls with salt precipitation and problems with peeling paint.

Drainputz can also be used as a thermal insulation on the inside without causing the common problems with internal insulation, such as condensation, and molds.
Used on facades, Drainputz in combination with KefaTherm Exterieur produces good insulation and protects against mold, algae, moss and frost damage.

Drainputz not only improves the insulation properties of a wall, but provides additional fire protection.

The Combination of DrainPutz and KefaRid or KefaTherm Exterieur, produces hot, dry and clean surfaces, reducing the moisture content in the underlying masonry.
The products are based on volcanic rock, and the microporous coatings have a unique effect on indoor air quality and energy consumption.

machinery KEFA HaftGrund 
HaftGrund applicated KEFA DrainPutz
KEFA Drainputz consistency Smooth the surface
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