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09 Feb 2012

Do you have damp and moisture problems?

Rising damp Rising damp

KefaRid eliminates the factors that are necessary for mold growth.

The KefaRid coating is a micro-porous matrix that is capable of storing water in the micro-pores during the condensation period and evaporating it back into the atmosphere as soon as the surface temperature is above dew point.
The coating is built up of millions of micro-pores. The micro-pore matrix of 1 squaremeter KEFA coating is equal to a surface of 18,000 squaremeters. This enlargement speeds up the water evaporation 2 – 3 times in comparison to a flat surface with normal paint.
During the condensation period, the condensation water is stored inside the micro-pores and there is no liquid water on the KefaRids surface allowing spores to start the germinating process. When the surface temperature rises above the dew point temperature, the condensed water evaporates rapidly, and thus the KefaRid coating is practically always dry.

Due to the micro-pore matrix KefaRid is a good thermal insulator. The surface temperature is consequently warmer than the substrate. A warm and dry surface does not attract dust, dirt and other organic material and hence the second requirement for mold growth, nutrition, is reduced.

The basic function of KefaRid is to prevent mold from starting to grow due to lack of moisture. There are no chemicals involved in this process in sharp contrast to conventional anti-mold paints whose function is to kill the mold by the use of fungicides, bactericides and other chemicals. These chemicals become used up and exhausted after only a few years and loose their killing capability.

The absorption/evaporation process of KefaRid is purely physical and hence KefaRid retains its combating properties forever.
The manufacturer follows the development on the raw-material market and will always use the most environmentally friendly ingredients that are available.

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