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03 Aug 2011

Dry surfaces with KefaTherm

KefaTherm Exterieur, best coating for facades KefaTherm Exterieur, best coating for facades

KefaTherm Exterieur has unique characteristics that are important for your facade and the building structure. Because of the surface structure there are hardly any material tensions and therefore there is no electrostatic charge. A dry surface without electrostatic charge attracts less dirt. It is the physics that makes the job again against algae and moss. Differences in pore size also allows KefaTherm Exterieur to suck water penetrating from the inside of the building. The risk of accumulated moisture related damage is removed.

During the job of painting a cultural building, measurements of the surface moisture was made. The KefaTherm Exterieur surface (on the left of the drain pipe) and mortar surface (not painted yet, to the right of the drain pipe).

Dry wall  Wet wall 

The difference after only a few days is remarkable.
A side effect is that dry wall has better insulation capacity that has a damp wall.

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