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13 Jan 2012
Garage roof - condensation Garage roof - condensation

KefaTherm Anti Condensation Coating is a cost effective, long term solution to preventing and treating dripping roof condensation on single skin cladding applications.

All single skin steel or aluminium roofs, including insulated systems with a ventilated airspace, have the capacity to condense and drip. Condensation can produce ideal conditions for mould growth and to prevent this kefa-therm incorporates a highly efficient Fungicide. kefaTherm also increases light reflection and decreases both reverberating sound and solar heat gain.

Reduces the effect of reverberating noise from steel sheets as well as it reduces noise from rain and wind.

On the picture below yoe see that the left side of the roof is not coated, and water isdripping due to condensation. On the right side, the roof is treated with KefaTherm and here is no dripping as the KefaTherm coating holds the condensation and lets it evaporate faster.

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Condensation, garage roof

Condensation, garage roof  Here we see a typical roof condensation 
No condensation, garage roof  with KefaTherm Condensation treatment  And here the roof with the KefaTherm treatment.

No condensation!
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