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GrafoTherm Exterior - revestimiento antihumedad, antialgas, antimusgo, anti condensación

KefaTherm Exterieur

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Consumption: 0.8 to 1 kg / m2
Very low levels of volatile organic compounds

Where traditional paints fail
Working with nature - not against it!

KefaTherm Exterieur allows the wall to breathe, it is resistant to heavy rain and protects the facades of algae, fungi and mosses. KefaTherm has excellent insulating properties.
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KefaTherm Exterieur allows the wall to breathe

KefaTherm Exterieur is built up of millions of micro-pores of sizes 0.1 - 100 microns. A micro-pore matrix of 1 mm thick coat makes the relative surface 20 000 times larger than the two-dimensional surface. Rain water will be arrested in the micro pores and ejected back into the air when the rain is over. Condensation water from the inside of the building will be absorbed by the micro pores, transported to the surface and ejected into the outdoor air. The evaporation, is done 2 - 3 times more rapidly and efficiently than would be the case from a traditional surface.

The protection of the facades of the buildings is a difficult task

Peeling off paints, cracks and dirtying due to air pollution are old problems. With the climate changes algae, mould and moss have added to the difficult task of keeping the façade attractive. Moisture is the main reason for the deterioration of the facades and most façade paints are developed to protect against rain. A great deal of the moisture is caused by condensation water coming from the inside of the building and a tight façade paint traps the water in the construction where it can cause much damage. In hot humid climates where the buildings have air condition, the outside of the walls can be cold enough to make the outdoor air condense on the surface. Water is life and the risk of mould and algae growth is impending. Masonry that is dry isolate better, which reduces heat loss considerably.

KefaTherm Exterieur is resistant to heavy showers

When it is raining most of the water will run off the surface. What is absorbed will stay in the micro-pore matrix. Liquid water never goes from small pores to bigger ones. Therefore practically no water will be absorbed by the substrate. When the rain stops the water will evaporate rapidly.

KefaTherm Exterieur bridges over cracks in concrete and plaster

KefaTherm Exterieur is re-enforced with fibres, which lends an outstanding elasticity and strength to the coating. KefaTherm Exterieur can therefore bridge over cracks and absorb movements in the substrate.

KefaTherm Exterieur dries out the wall

The differences of pore size also enables KefaTherm Exterieur to suck out water penetrating from the inside of the building. The risk of moisture related damages to the wall is thus reduced.



There is a special version for production line spray application – KefaTherm Line.

KefaTherm - Data sheets

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