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GrafoTherm Exterior - revestimiento antihumedad, antialgas, antimusgo, anti condensación


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Consumption: 0.8 to 1 kg / m2
Very low levels of volatile organic compounds

Where traditional paints fail
Working with nature - not against it!

KefaTherm is pure aqueous-based and serves as anti-condensation coating for roofing and steel structures as well as other metallic surfaces where condensation and dripping problems may occur.
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No chance for condensation.

There is a safe way to avoid dripping water on problematic areas and cold spots. KefaTherm coated surfaces can absorb high levels of moisture and quickly release it back into the atmosphere by a unique micro pore structure. The result is permanently dry and hygienic surfaces.

The way it works.

Working with the nature - not against it

KefaTherm increases with its special surface structure of the resulting condensate to such surfaces and breaks the surface tension of the water. It does not drip anymore, but is released by the normal evaporation process quickly to the ambient air. Surfaces remain permanently drip-free and dry.

KefaTherm consists of a unique micro-pore matrix which is capable of storing water during the condensation cycle, but ejecting it back into the atmosphere as soon as the temperature is above dew point. KefaTherm is built up of millions of micro-pores of sizes 0.1 - 100 microns.

The micro-pore matrix of 1 mm thick KefaTherm makes the relative surface 18 000 times larger than the two-dimensional surface. This ejection, or evaporation, is done 2 - 3 times more rapidly and efficiently than would be the case from an un-coated surface. KefaTherm is now dry and ready for next condensation period and it works forever.

A coat of 1 mm KefaTherm absorbs and holds up to 535 ml of water per square meter.

Condensation takes place whenever air comes in contact with a cold surface. The damages caused by dripping roofs, pipes and other cold surfaces cost billions every year. The traditional way of tackling moisture or dampness problems is to insulate the surface and try to keep the moisture out with a vapor barrier. This attempt to fight the nature is normally unsuccessfull, to a lesser or greater degree. Also microscopic openings are big enough to let vapour through the vapour barrier and after a while the insulation will be soaked wet.

KefaTherm special properties in short

  • Insulates
  • Absorbs condensation water
  • Spreads water evenly in the micro-pore matrix.
  • Transports water to surface
  • Breaks water surface tension
  • Speeds up evaporation

Key Factors

  • One coat system
  • Prevents condensation
  • Absorbs and holds up to 535 ml per square meter.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Water based
  • 80% volume solids
  • V.O.C., 15 g/L
  • Has an A2 and a B1 Fire Classification
  • Excellent insulation properties
  • Noise damping
  • Hojas de datos KefaTherm
  • Provides also vibration and acoustic damping when applied as a thick layer.
  • Complies with the requirements of EN13501-1, class A2-s1d0 and ASTM E84 (USA).
  • Resistant against fire and spreading of flames.
  • The product has MED (Marine Equipment Directive) certificate no MED-B-8648 and is thus accepted for painting surfaces inside the ships.

Where to use KefaTherm Condensation Protection.

  • on all un-insulated surfaces where condensation may occur.
  • as replacement of traditional insulation.
  • under insulation to reduce the risk of wet insulation and corrosion damages caused by condensation water.
  • wherever you have a condensation problem

KefaTherm - Data Sheets

pdf icon small KefaTherm pds eng 130115 (pdf) (114.8 KB)

pdf icon small KefaTherm Line pds eng 130115 (pdf) (112 KB)

pdf icon small Certificate - Norske Veritas - MED-B-8648, EN13501-1

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