pixel KefaRid Starter Kit 2,5 kg
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KefaRid Starter Kit 2,5 kg

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KefaWash 0.5 l, 2.5 kg Kefa Rid and sprayer
It covers 2.5 to 4 m2
Very low levels of volatile organic compounds

KefaRid is a microporous material that creates a huge area, in which the condensation water spreads and evaporates quickly without major energy requirement. It is a physical process, and no chemicals that provide the free surface of the mold.
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Set of KefaRid and KefaWash

If you just repaired a portion of the wall due to mold, then here's the set to ensure that you never again will see mold on you wall.

Micropores - the secret of the successful function

The basic function of KefaRid is preventing mold growth due to lack of moisture. No chemicals involved in this process, in contrast to conventional anti-mold paint, whose function is to kill mold, with the use of fungicides, bactericides, and other chemicals. These chemicals are worn and exhausted after a few years and lose their ability to kill.

KefaRid's unique micro pore matrix is created when you apply the material. The coat thickness must be at least 600 g/m2 to allow the coating to work efficiently.

During the condensation period, the condensation water is stored inside the micro-pores and there is no liquid water on the surface, allowing spores to start the germinating process. When the surface temperature rises above the dewpoint temperature, the condensed water evaporates rapidly back into the atmosphere, and thus KefaRid is practically always dry.

KefaRid is built up of millions of micro-pores of sizes 0.1 - 100 microns. A micro-pore matrix of 1mm thick KefaRid makes the relative surface 20 000 times larger than the two-dimensional surface. This enlargement speeds up the water evaporation 2 - 3 times in comparison to a flat surface.

KefaRid stays clean

Due to the micro-pore matrix, KefaRid is a good thermal insulator. The surface temperature is consequently warmer than the substrate. A warm and dry surface does not attract dust, dirt and other organic material and hence the second requirement for mould growth(nutrition)is reduced.

The process of absorption / evaporation KefaRid is purely physical, and therefore KefaRid preserves its properties of protection forever.

The manufacturer follows the development in the raw materials market, and always use the most organic ingredients that are available.

KefaRid can also be used in restricted areas such as in food production plants.

Application Instructions

  • Use KefaWash to clean surfaces of mold and algae.
  • Treat absorbing and porous substrates with KefaSeal.
  • Apply KefaRid according to the recommendations on the can to provide a functional and effective result.

KefaRid data sheets

 KefaRid PDS 2015-01-15 (pdf) (79.6 KB)

 KefaRid Spray PDS 2015-01-15 (pdf) (79.9 KB)

 KefaWash PDS 2015-01-15 (pdf) (21.6 KB)

 KefaSeal PDS 2015-01-15 (pdf) (36.4 KB)

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