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 The best anti moisture paint

The most effective solution to problems of damp, mold, condensation, cold walls and facades contaminated with moss and algae. They are also insulating, soundproofing, and are resistant to fire and the spread of flames.

All Kefa products are water-based and meet European requirements for health and safety. Its areas of application are varied: residential facilities, basements and garages to industrial facilities, warehouses, sports stadiums, and large parking areas, etc.

As a single component products they are easy to apply by brush, roller or spray. There are also versions for industrial production lines.

The main functional properties of Kefa microporous coatings:

  • Anti moisture and anti condensation: Distributes water absorbed to the entire surface to promote maximum evaporation.
  • Anti mildew, moss, fungal and algae.
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Break the surface tension of the water.