pixel Old farm from 1906 - Massive mold on the walls
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16 Jan 2015

Old farm from 1906 - Massive mold on the walls

Massive mold attack Massive mold attack
Painted 7 years ago, and still looks as new 
Painted 7 years ago, and still looks as new 

Over 7 years ago there were found massive mold in the living room on the farm. It was therefore decided to remove the insulation which was put inside on the external walls. In the old days, the walls were insulated with e.g. cellutex plates. They were made of soft masonite (wood fiber board), and as you can probably imagine, these panels absorb a lot of moisture, and therefore they were removed.

On further investigation it was found that the plaster behind the plates were so severely affected by mold, that it was decided to remove all the plaster and get a new applied. Subsequently was decided to paint with KefaRid, so the old walls could breathe and remain dry. When the walls are dry there is no longer living conditions for the the mold. No water no life! The walls in the kitchen and the bathroom were also painted with KefaRid. The bathroom had on the walls above the tiles massive mold growth, with large dark blotches.

There has since been no problems with cold exterior walls and condensation. In the bathroom they have been able to avoid getting mold growth on the walls, despite the fact that it is seven years since the walls were treated. There is no need to freshen up the walls, as they still look like they were painted yesterday.

It should be mentioned that in the living room there's a fireplace that is used extensively in the periods of transition between summer and winter. It can not be avoided when using the fireplace, that the walls will also be more dirty. We have taken pictures of the room January 11, 2015, more than seven years after the treatment, and the walls look like freshly painted. KefaRid ensure not only that your wall are dry, it is also air-purifying - and as it also breaks the surface tension, it is also dirt resistant. Your walls will always be dry, clean and warm, ensuring you a perfect climate and a good heating economy.

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