pixel There are easy solutions for even the most difficult problems
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22 Jan 2015

There are easy solutions for even the most difficult problems

There are easy solutions for even the most difficult problems There are easy solutions for even the most difficult problems

Microporous multifunctional coating solutions.

There are many areas that need to be protected from moisture, condensation and noise.

Quita Humedades is now able to offer products from Kefa, that are sustainable and user-friendly solutions for professionals, industries and consumers, to solve problems associated with mold, condensation, noise and asbestos.

Kefa products are a series of functional coatings, based on a single technology, microporous matrix. At the heart of their operating principles are the physical processes that occur in the micropores - such as the accumulation and evaporation of water. Furthermore, some of the coatings offer insulation, noise reduction and asbestos encapsulation.

KefaTherm® The system that solve your condensation problems.

The idea of KefaTherm is as simple as it is ingenious. KefaTherm adsorbs the condensation water and retains it until it disappears in the form of vapour.
The KefaTherm surface is therefore always dry. The condensation water does not form drops, which prevents damage to machines, to stored goods or to the building itself. KefaTherm improves the rust protection and reduces the risk of mould growth and putrefaction. A thicker KefaTherm coat will increase the adsorption capacity. KefaTherm is a water-borne, paint-like coating that can be applied with pneumatic and airless spray guns or with roller and brush. KefaTherm® - prevents condensation water from dripping - improves the indoor climate - is environmentally friendly - is noise damping - has a fire classification - has an international reputation

KefaRid® The system that protects against mould.

Unique double-action effect. Mould requies humidity and nourishment to develop. Since KefaRid dries out treated surfaces the micro-organisms die from lack of moisture and nourishment. That's what makes KefaRid so effective. The secret of KefaRid lies in its structure. KefaRid is a coating which contains an enormous number of micropores. Condensing moisture is absorbed by the pores and thus allows the wall behind it to breath. A surface treated with KefaRid does not attract dirt and remains dry, thereby depriving mould of the two most important conditions for growth.

The insulating and condensation controlling effects of KefaRid, together with the anti-static properties and the sanitizer KefaWash, prevent mould from reoccurring and the surface from attracting dirt. KefaRid is harmless to the environment. Unlike conventional fungicidal paints it is not the addes fungicides what kill the mould. KefaRid is water based and contains no more fungicides than an ordinary water based paint. Therefore a KefaRid treated surface is not dangerous to humans or to animals. Tests show that KefaRid is superior to the paints generally used in the food processing industries and other industrial premises where mould problems may occur.

Where can KefaRid be applied?

The answer is simple - everywhere there is a risk for mould and bacteria. Industrial premised with high humidity i.e. breweries, slaughter-houses, bakeries, paper mills - Warehouses, cold stores, food stores, silos - Agricultural buildings for horses, cows, pigs, poultry - Boats holds, living quarters, cold bulkheads, skin platings - Dwellings, bathrooms, washrooms, cellar attics KefaRid is a cheap insurance against damage caused by mould. However, KefaRid should not be used on surfaces that require frequent high pressure washing.

AsbestGuard® The superior asbestos encapsulation system.

AsbestGuard is recommended for all types of asbestos encapsulation. AsbestGuard has unique properties, which guarantee that the encapsulation does not damage the good technical characteristics of asbestos: fire protection, anti-condensation, insulation and noise damping. Most important: AsbestGuard does not destroy the fire classification, when asbestos is used as fire insulation according to ASTM - P189 and ASTM - E119. AsbestGuard is a reinforced compound and requires Airless Spray Equipment for highly viscous and coarse-grained, water-based material. Decisive for the choice of abatement method is the condition and location of the asbestos. Damage to asbestos insulation is often caused by condensation water being trapped and forming cavities in the insulation and making the asbestos come loose. Investigate the condition of the asbestos by knocking at it (Knock as you do when you try to locate holes in a wall). If the asbestos answers by an empty sound or falls down at this treatment, it should not be encapsulated. Press your hand at parts that behave in this way. You can easily feel cavities or loose asbestos. If most of the asbestos is in good condition, small damaged parts can be repaired with suitable insulation material. Never encapsulate asbestos that has repeatedly been exposed to mechanical damage. We recommend that such asbestos be taken away or encased. It is mostly just parts of the premises that risk mechanical damages. These parts should be built in or replaced by another insulation material while the rest of the premises can be encapsulated. Encapsulation Spray a fine mist of AsbestBinder over the surface. This binds loose asbestos so that it will not whirl around during the continued sanitation process. AsbestBinder works at the same time as a primer on an absorbing material. Cover the asbestos with AsbestGuard. AsbestGuard® - does not change the fire classification of asbestos fire insulation - reinforces the technical properties of the asbestos - is insulating and preventing condensation - in unflammable and noise damping - is highly elastic and reinforced - is strong and resists movements in the construction - stays as long as the bedding - is open to diffusion and releases condensation - has good adhesion and binds loose fibres effectively AsbestBinder and AsbestGuard can be applied by spray equipment or brush.


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