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11 Jan 2015

Protect your facade simple and effective...

KefaTherm Exterieur, best coating for facades KefaTherm Exterieur, best coating for facades

KefaTherm exterior protects simply and effectively.

Do you know the problem with dirt and algae on the exterior facade, even shortly after it is painted?
Or you have problems with humidity and salt, and paint and plaster peeling off, and tried to repair again and again, without success. The solution is KefaTherm Exterieur.

KefaTherms microporous surface ensures the moisture in the outer wall are transported to the surface, where it evaporates. KefaTherm ensures there is no peeling, frost damage or contamination of any kind, such as algae.

KefaTherm keeps your wall dry and so giving it its initial insulating properties back, so it insulates better. reducing heat loss considerably.

KefaTherm also has good insulating effect and if you use KefaTherm with DrainPutz, you can achieve almost the same insulation properties as conventional insulation.

KefaTherm has special properties that guarantee durability and protects the building from decay.

KefaTherm Exterieur, long time protection of facades

Breathable, transports moisture to the surface
Allows not fouling, eliminates surface tension, no humidity - no life
Class A2 fire flame retardant
Resists heavy rain
climate resilient, long-term protection for exterior walls.
resistant to industrial gases and other pollution
It does not fade, stable, even after many years
alkali-resistant, pigment does not blanch
Elastic, can cover the cracks without cracking
zero emissions
It can be tinted in light tones
Algae and mildew resistant
Protection against condensation damage
Reflecting radiant heat

A successful surface requires a strong and sustainable surface in order to guarantee the properties of humidity control of the product, it is important that any reconstruction or repair of materials that can transport moisture as well as appropriate work flows are used.

DrainPudz is used for plastering when necessary.

Property in Roskilde renovated with KefaTherm Exterieur.
Before the renovation with KefaTherm Exterieur, elevated values of humidity was measured om the surface. After renovation, humidity was significantly reduced, algae and moss formation does not occur, and the dry surface stays clean in the long run.

Application and Processing

Exterieur KefaTherm has good adhesion properties in all sustainable and clean mineral surfaces.

Apply with airless or conventional brush and roller. Algae and moss must be removed with KefaWash before. Rust should be removed before painting and treated with rust protection. For very absorbent surfaces, priming is required with KefaSeal.

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