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20 Jan 2015
Eliminate mold with BioRid Interior Eliminate mold with BioRid Interior

Do you have problems with moisture and mold in your home?

Then you've come to the right place.

It is our experience that many know what is wrong when there are problems with moisture. However, it is not always the right solution we see being implemented, it is often expensive, does not work properly, or not at all, which unfortunately are discovered too late.

It is therefore important that you understand what happens when you have moisture in the house. Once you know it, the rest is pure logic.

Always use paint that allows the walls to breathe. Never hold moisture inside with plastic paint, let your house breathe, and remember to vent, it is very important!

When using plastic paint, the moisture is trapped and can not get out because the wall can't breathe. Moisture from the subsoil and other places accumulate moisture inside the wall, and over time the paint and/or plaster can no longer withstand the pressure, and  fall off.

It is therefore important to use the diffusion coatings, so that the house can breathe.
On the market there are many paints, which claims to be permeable.
However, this is rarely the case. If they claim they are permeable, often it is not enough, and after being painted over a few times they will absolutly no longer be permeable.

KefaRid Interior allows not just the wall to breathe, but it draws the moisture out of the wall do to capillary effect. The wall is dry again and gets it's original insulation value. On top KefaRid Interior is a very good insulation, is air-purifying and does not attract dirt because it breaks the surface tension and therefore is antistatic.

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