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11 Jan 2015

How to prevent moisture in your home

plasterboard treated with KefaWash and BioRid Interior plasterboard treated with KefaWash and BioRid Interior

We usually have high humidity in our homes. Every time we exhale, we add moisture to the air. When we go in the shower, when cooking, even when we sleep we provide moisture to the house, and if we do not ensure getting adequate ventilation, then things go wrong and we have mold problems.
Be sure to ventilate 2-3 times a day, for morning, afternoon and evening. When it's cold outside, the interior surfaces of the house are also cooler, and makes the risk of damage from higher humidity. Therefore it is important to ventilate.
Do not let a single window slightly open for several hours. Walls and other surfaces cools, and we need much more time and energy to reach room temperature again. Cold walls can cause condensation and cause mold growth

In the picture above you can see a drywall that has been exposed to moisture, and then been in an incubator to simulate what happens.
The plate has not received any treatment at the top
At the bottom it is cleaned with KefaWash to prevent further mold damage.
The center of the plate is first treated with KefaWash and then KefaRid Interior.
Where the plate is treated with KefaWash and KefaRid, there is no mold damage. Where only KefaWash is used to clean the plate, there is little mold growth. Where no treatment is carried out, the plate is massively attacked with mold.

We highly recommend our products if you have problems with moisture, condensation, rising damp and mold, etc. The products are proven through more than 30 years and is recommended by several experts in the humid area, such as architects, construction engineers and craftsmen, adamas is recommended by the Federal German Association of Food Inspectors.

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