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up to 20% of all buildings in Spain have problems with mold attack to an extent that can provide indoor climate problems?

The majority of air purifiers on the market can actually give negative impacts to the indoor climate?

Buildings that smells of 'summerhouse' or 'basement' actually indicates an unnecessarily large infestation of mold caused by moisture problem?

water damage should be dried within 14 days? A research study has shown that water damage increases the risk of mold attack and after 2 weeks

low temperature in your bedroom actually improve living conditions for dust mites?

adequate coating on facades can reduce heating costs?

lighted candles emit large amounts of ultrafine particles into the indoor climate, which is suspected of causing serious health effects?

the smoke of tobacco is, in addition to tar and other gases, the worst source of organic dust in the workplace and at home?

Here we will publish testimonials from our customers

Michael Mansson

Quita Humadades

Almost 7 years ago I chose to use KefaRid paint on the walls of my living room, kitchen and bathroom in my old farmhouse.
Since then I have had no problems with cold exterior walls or condensation. And in the bathroom, I have been able to prevent the growth of mold on the walls.
Although it is 7 years that the walls were treated with KefaRid there is no need to refresh the walls yet.

The KefaRid treatment has acted as the vendor promised.

I will definitely recommend KefaRid!

Lotte Pia Uttrup

Construction ingineer
Construction technology, damages and indoor climate
Expert in Evaluation
Appointed Building expert

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