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29 Dec 2014
Windmills - BioRid Interior treatment Windmills - BioRid Interior treatment

The task was to apply an inside coating to prevent the formation of condensation and mold growth.
Furthermore, the costs of maintenance and cleaning should be minimized.

A segment of windmills, was selcted 2012 to have the half of the inside coated with KefaTherm.
During the inspection, 2013, it clearly showed that the KefaTherm coating was still clean, and a cleaning was not necessary on the coated surface.

In addition, the KefaTherm coating is a passive corrosion protection. as the surface is always dry.

KefaTherm also makes it very easy to detect corrosion damage in the initial stage.
The characteristic of the micro pore surface area distributes the moisture on a very large surface. A small spot of corrosion is distributed over a large area and is therefore quickly visible.

KefaRid Interior treatment 
KefaRid Interior treatment 
KefaRid Interior treatment 
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