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29 Dec 2014

Water works - condensation problem, solved with KefaTherm

Water works before treated with KefaTherm Water works before treated with KefaTherm

Here the problem was about the Bollmann filter and the problem of the always present condensation, caused by the constant temperature differences which were triggered by the water temperature.
This continuous film of moisture ensures corrosion problems.

The corrosion problem is eliminated with KefaTherm, KefaTherm coating works as passive corrosion protection.
The walls and ceilings above the tiles were also coated with KefaTherm, even here the positive effects shows by dry surfaces.

The treatment was undertaken in February 2005.

The problem

Water supply plants generate large amounts of water vapor that condenses on the water tanks, pipes, pumps and other equipment. Water Supply Berlin was built in the 50-th and had deep-seated rust and other severe corrosion problems. The equipment has been repainted several times but due to the damp environment the corrosion was soon back again. A special problem was that condensation water accumulated under the Bollman filters.

The solution

KefaTherm Coatings improve the corrosion protection by reducing the corrosion time – the time when the surface is damp. It also eliminates the worst corrosive form of water – the drop.

There was specified a treatment program:
The roof and all equipment to be coated in order to reduce the vapor load.


1. Cleaning from soot and grease
2. Application of KefaTherm.

Tanks, pipes, pumps etc:

1. Blasting to SA 2 ½.
2. Corrosion protection with good rust protection paint.
3. A KefaTherm Airless coat of 40 mills.

The Water Supply wanted to use their own paint contractor and his corrosion protection system. The treatment started, but after only a few days, rust spots showed on the treated surfaces.
KEFA was called for, and could immediately establish that the contractor had done a poor corrosion protection job. The KefaTherm coat will immediately expose defective rust protection.

Now KEFA insisted on engaging a certified contractor and the use of a polyurethane anti-corrosion paint that can be used on a surface that is near or under dew point.

The result

The surfaces are completely spotless after 20 months.
The indoor climate has improved and is much drier.

The effect of the KefaTherm treatment is measured by the use of a new monitoring system, developed by KEFA in co-operation with IMO-Lab. Room temperature, surface temperature, relative humidity, absolute humidity and outdoor temperature are continuously monitored by computerized equipment that can be read via the web.

The maintenance costs is considerably reduced.

Water works before treated with KefaTherm   
Water works before treated with KefaTherm   
Water works before treated with KefaTherm   
Water works before treated with KefaTherm   
Water works - treated with KefaTherm   
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