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23 Jan 2015
KefaTherm Condensation, insulation and anti condensation KefaTherm Condensation, insulation and anti condensation

Condensation treatment.
Condensation is an old problem. It occurs when warm, moist air comes in contact with a cold surface.

Treatment with anti-condensation paint KefaTherm®, prevent formation of condensation on steel and aluminum roofing and pipes for water and ventilation
KefaTherm® - prevents condensation water from dripping - improves the indoor climate - is environmentally friendly - is noise damping - has a fire classification - has an international reputation

anti-condensation in containersKefaTherm adsorbs the condensation water and retains it until it disappears in the form of vapour. The KefaTherm surface is therefore always dry. The condensation water does not form drops, which prevents damage to machines, to stored goods or to the building itself. KefaTherm improves the rust protection and reduces the risk of mould growth and putrefaction. A thicker KefaTherm coat will increase the adsorption capacity. KefaTherm is a water-borne, paint-like coating that can be applied with pneumatic and airless spray guns or with roller and brush.
Tests have shown that the layer of 0.9 to 1.2 mm, isolating sufficient to prevent condensation.

We have experience in implementing anti-condensation painting in containers since 1985.
KefaTherm® has demonstrated its properties in nearly 30 years.

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