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14 May 2015

Moisture & Humidity Measurement.
According to experts, some "professional people" of the damp industry use the Protimeter, or moisture meter, to defraud money by scamming innocent people.
How could you know if they are practising fraud? Well, that is hard to know if you are not an expert in the matter but by reading this we will try to open your eyes to reality. The guilty gadget is called Protimeter, moister meter or damp meter. It is supposed to measure the the percentage of water in a given substance but what it really measures is conductivity. They are built to measure the moisture content of wood. Otherwise, if we use this tool on plaster, cement or anything else different from wood we are practising fraud.

Kids, I am going to tell you a real story.
Once upon a time, not far far away but downstairs, my neighbour to be precise, bought a damp meter because he thought his wall was wet. I was a bit excited to be honest, as I have never seen how this tool worked before. He asked me for advice when he realised that almost his entire flat was wet and it was quite shocking as it didn't seem to be wet at all, only one wall.

We went together to the shop telling the owner what we thought, that the damp meter was not performing well and the surprise we had when he told us that this kind of tools are tricky. Meaning that we should only use this kind of gadgets in wood! My neighbour felt a huge relieve due to his flat was not wet at all but my neighbour kept worried about his walls so he called a professional company just to check and he discovered they were trying to scam him!

When humidity appears on your walls, call a professional but keep an eye on him to avoid scams! The company that wants to fix your problem may not be trustworthy as they profit if there is measured damp, therefor it would be better to have another expert that only does the measurements and does not profit of by solving the damp issue.

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