pixel The recurring theme - Year after year. Mold !!
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27 Dec 2011

The recurring theme - Year after year. Mold !!

Condensation treatment Condensation treatment

What is mold, really?
Is ventilate the correct answer and is nowhere near enough?
Or are there other things we can do to avoid the problem?-

How to place the furnitures most appropriate in your house?

Yes, you know that the outside wall is cold, so do not put a big solid sofa up against the wall. - Or if you know that there may be problems with leakage from the bathroom, it is not smart to put a large cupboard against the wall.

to prevent the growth of mold, you can use the KefaRid product. KefaRid is used to prevent the growth of mold in the food industry, where mold is a common problem.

KefaRid product is a water-based paint, containing no chlorine or solvents. It is applied by brush, roller or spray directly on the cleaned surface.
KefaRid has the ability to adsorb and store it water condensation until environmental conditions allow water to evaporate naturally but faster back to the air.

In addition KefaRid is effectively eliminating the basis of life for the molds, drying damp walls, and reduces heat loss significantly

If you want to know more about mold cleanup, click here.

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