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10 Dec 2014
Mold treatment with KefaWash and BioRid Interior Mold treatment with KefaWash and BioRid Interior

What should you do if you have found mold?

Obviously it depends on where you found it, and how much.

Mould on the window frame may be washed with KefaWash and a scouring pad - the same applies minor attacks in wood or joints in the bathroom.
Attacks visible to about 3 m2 on plaster or concrete wall may also be treated with KefaWash.

In the worst case, the plaster must be torn down and new applied

 Wall with mold

 Mold often grows behind furniture on the outside walls.

 Wall with mold - Clean with KefaWash

Clean with a good disinfectant.
Use KefaWash, as it is odorless and prevent mold from growing again.

 Wall with mold - Clean with KefaWash Use a cloth or scourer to remove the mold. Depending on the surface, a brush can also be used with care.
 Wall with mold - Clean with KefaWash Rinse with clean water, let it dry and then apply KefaRid.
 Wall - former with mold - Treated with KefaRid Interior - after 5 years, still No Mold! The same area after 5 years.
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