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28 Dec 2014

New weapon in the battle against mold

Mold in bathroom Mold in bathroom

Being under the same roof with molds can result in anything from, headaches and easy indisposition to severe allergic reactions with respiratory problems and weakened immune systems. Therefore it is combated energetically when detected in buildings and the battle costs millions of euros annually worldwide. Often mold returns victoriously back after losing the first battle, and in worst case, the building may be rebuilt or demolished.

But now the balance of power in the war against the mold has changed seriously in favor of the good indoor climate. It is a more than 30-year-old Swedish product KefaRid from Quita Humedades, and the product shows the most astounding results.

Long-term Test
After testing the product in a throughout fungussed environment during half a year in heavily exposed to dampness bathroom, in a public institution, is the conclusion of the Technological Institute: (Denmark) "The performed testing is practice near, and the test load is considered to be extreme. If the system under these circumstances is durable over time, we estimate that the system is particularly suitable for use in a variety of cases, where the mold infestation is a recurring phenomenon ... ".
Walls and ceilings were before heavily infected with visible mold, but after a thorough cleaning and KefaRid treatment they remained subsequently completely free of fungal growth.

- In the experiment moisture came from the front in the form of spray and condensation, giving the molds good growing conditions. KefaRid will probably work just as well elsewhere in similar circumstances, by creating dry surfaces to walls. It may be in the bathroom, apartment buildings without proper ventilation, in basements or on north-facing full-brick walls, where there is condensation, says microbiologist Anne Pia Koch of the Danish Technological Institute, who conducted the study.

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