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09 Jul 2015

How to clean and eliminate mold forever

Treat your wall with KefaWash and KefaRid and the mold and mildew has no chance to grow Treat your wall with KefaWash and KefaRid and the mold and mildew has no chance to grow

When cleaning your wall due to mold, it is because it is not very nice to look at.
Additionally the mold does not smell particularly well, while it is also extremely hazardous, as it emits very toxic fumes.

Why do people use cleaners and paints that are just as toxic as mold? They just swap one poison with a another one, which does not improve the indoor environment or the health for the people that has to live in it. Next is, that it does not work in the long run, so what to do then?

KefaWash for cleaning and KefaRid paint to keep your wall free from moist and mold.

For cleaning and disinfection of surfaces infected with mildew, Quita Humedades recommends KefaWash. KefaWash is particularly effective against bacteria, algae and mildew, and has been recognized by a variety of institutions in Europe, USA and Japan. KefaWash is used in the food industry, in breweries, in households and for subsequent cleaning of surfaces treated with KefaRid and KefaTherm products.

How does it work?

Bacteria cell walls are negatively charged thereby "attracting" positively charged cations such as KefaWash. KefaWash adsorb onto the cell surface and diffuse through the cell wall. Once inside the cell, it binds to the cytoplasmic membrane causing disruption. This results in the release of potassium (K+) ions and other cytoplasmic constituents. Precipitation of the cellular materials results in the death of the organism.

How to use

Mix the KefaWash with water - follow the directions on the label or in the accompanying instructions. Spray KefaWash on the infected area and leave it to work for at least 20 minutes. Wash the surface with clean water before KefaWash has dried.

Spray the area again with the KefaWash mixture, this time - wait until KefaWash has dried.
When KefaWash has dried, it forms small crystals on the surface, which does that the molds cannot again grow on the surface. Treat the surface with KefaRid within 24 hours! If this is not adhered, the treatment should be carried out again.

No more mold and humidity

You now have a wall that will be free of mold without dangerous poisons and fungicides. In addition, your wall will be able to breathe because of the KefaRid paint, which also has insulating and air Purifier effect. The Kefa system gives you a healthy house in the future, as opposed to normal mold paints that are full of poison which evaporate into the indoor climate, which is not healthy, next is that they have only a limited time effect against the mold, and the mold will therefore come again.

KefaWash and KefaRid works forever and contains no toxic components
The Kefa-System is respectful to the environment

About the plasterboard (the image at the top) treated with KefaWash and BioRid Interior and the test made, read more here

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