pixel Christmas tree without mold - Merry Christmas
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15 Dec 2015

Christmas tree without mold - Merry Christmas

Christmas tree without mold - Merry Christmas Christmas tree without mold - Merry Christmas

Mold on your Christmas tree is not what you wish for Christmas. Mold is ubiquitous in nature and grows in virtually all "surfaces", including needles of Nordmann fir, noble fir and Norway spruce while the Trees are alive. When the tree dies, enters mold to as nature’s “waste disposal service” and decompose dead plant tissue. Is the humidity high, and plant tissue suitable as "fungi food" degradation can go very quickly.

You cannot reduce the amount of mold by purchasing an ecological tree and it is probably doubtful whether you by buying a spruce fir get less mold than to buy a Nordmann fir (or other silver fir).

Generally mold does not provide problems, but for some allergy sufferers, spores from mold can be very disruptive. Are you among those who suffer from mold or should you celebrate Christmas for someone with allergies to mold, then we will give you some good advices here.

Can you do something about mold on your Christmas tree?

Make sure that it is a fresh Christmas tree you buy! You may want to go out and cut the Christmas tree yourself along with your family, but make it as close to Christmas as possible.

The problem is, as mentioned before, when the Christmas tree dies, the molds that are on the tree begins the decomposition process of the Christmas tree. Is the tree for example imported or it comes from afar, has been put in net , packed and been on the road for a long time, there is a high risk that it has a large concentration of mold on it.

Once the Christmas tree is brought inside at Christmas time in the living room’s warm, dry air, the fungal spores may cause significant inconvenience to the people who are allergic to the spores of molds. To meet the problems with mold spores, you can take a number of precautions:

  • Limit the time where the tree is indoor - Christmas does not have to last until Easter.
  • Place the tree in a room which can be closed off from the rest of the housing - for example a sunroom or a terrace.
  • Ensure good ventilation.
  • Limit the handling of tree and keep your distance.
  • Christmas Tree Wash is a final opportunity where the tree thoroughly is rinsed outdoors with water, and then dried in a warm place - NOTE! Remember to put the tree in water during drying.

Christmas tree of plastic rather than a natural
To account for both fungi and resins, when choosing your Christmas tree, there are, according to the Asthma and Allergy Association no difference whether you choose a spruce fir or a silver fir. Both tree species can provoke reactions, so if the Christmas tree creates more irritation than pleasure and fun, you may want to invest in a Christmas tree made of plastic.

Do you want to be absolutely sure not to be bothered during Christmas with mold, make a mixture of KefaWash with water (two parts water and one part KefaWash) and spray it thoroughly throughout the tree and let it dry. Do this right before the Christmas tree is put into use, and follow otherwise the above mentioned good advices.

KefaWash is a natural product and does not contain any toxic ingredients.

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Christmas tree without mold - Merry Christmas

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