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One square meter of KefaRid has an effective surface area of 18,000 m2. One square meter of KefaRid has an effective surface area of 18,000 m2.

Kefa breathable paint are a must for your damp walls. It’s made out of acrylic and crushed volcanic stones, which together form a surface with micro pores which makes it extremely vapor-permeable.

It provides a material structure with some very unique physical properties which does that the surface effectively absorbs and releases moisture from and to the air. The mold and mildews cannot thrive on a KefaRid treated surface, as it’s almost always dry.

The microporous surface also creates what is called a capillary action, actually the same action you are experiencing when you have problems with rising damp in your walls.

The bricks have micro pores and because of them, the bricks also have a capillary effect and are absorbing the water from the ground.

Let the wall breathe, let the water get out

Another problem is that the wall is probably sealed with plastic paint witch does that the water is not able to vaporize to the air, and you get problems with paint and plaster falling of the wall because of the water pressure in the wall.

Forget about sealing your walls when you have a damp issue, as it only makes the problem worse.

As mentioned KefaRid is extremely permeable and has also capillary effect because of its micro pores. KefaRid absorbs the moisture from the brickwork into its micro pores, where it then because of its huge area can evaporate the water 3-4 times faster into the air.

The apparently smooth surface of KefaRid is made up of small "flakes", which together create a huge surface area that the moisture can evaporate from.
1 liter of water in a glass does not evaporate as fast as 1 liter water in a large bowl as the water surface in the bowl is larger and therefore the water is able to evaporate faster to the air.

One square meter of KefaRid has an effective surface area of 18,000 m2.

The strategy is ingeniously simple:

Where there is no water or moist, there is no life.

Also KefaRid removes the surface tension of the water and when the surface tension is removed from the water, the water evaporates more easily. Surfaces dry faster, and the ingredients for life are removed for mold and bacteria.

Mold and mildews 'die of thirst' on the dry KefaRid treated surface, as they have no longer access to water.

KefaRid also prevents the dripping from condensation. This is particularly important for food processing operations since proper hygiene on surfaces eliminates the possibility of transferring bacteria and mold spores to food.

Systematic mold and mildew prevention

KefaRid is the proper solution to prevent, as well as repairing mold growth. The following three components guarantee a maximum of protection and sustainability:
KefaWash – Pre-treatment cleaner for surfaces already infected with mold, algae, and bacteria. Highly-effective and environmentally friendly.
KefaSeal – Special primer for high-absorbent surfaces.

KefaRid – Protective coating with physics-based action. It can be sprayed on or applied with a roller/brush. The standard color is white. KefaRid can also be toned with dispersed, water-soluble, opaque paints.

The surface is soft and elastic - it’s crack-resistance and has a long life, provided that there is no large physical wear on the surface.

Advantages of KefaRid at a glance:
• Physics-based mold protection
• Dry surfaces
• Warmer surfaces
• Health-compatible
• Creates surfaces with proper hygiene
• Controls moisture
• Protects the building structure
• Almost no electrostatic discharging
• Reduces dirt
• Straight-forward application
• It’s tintable
• Ready for use
• Environmentally friendly

No other product provides a solution this successful and enduring.
Simply hygienically clean surfaces

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