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Checklist - How to Analyse Dampness

10 May 2016

Checklist - How to Analyse Dampness

Checklist regarding causes of odors, moisture and mold in a building: The following checklist may help you with the inspection of a building, when you hav...

Vapor barriers

24 Jan 2016

Vapor barriers

You have probably heard a lot of advices about vapor barriers and vapor retarders. And maybe you have walked away, even more confused than before. The prob...

Christmas tree without mold - Merry Christmas

15 Dec 2015

Christmas tree without mold - Merry Christmas

Mold on your Christmas tree is not what you wish for Christmas. Mold is ubiquitous in nature and grows in virtually all "surfaces", including needles of No...

How to remove mold and mildew from the wall

17 Nov 2015

How to remove mold and mildew from the wall

Do you want to get rid of mold and mildew on the walls and you want them to never reappear? Learn here everything you need to know to win the war against m...

Breathable paint

30 Oct 2015

Breathable paint

Kefa breathable paint are a must for your damp walls. It’s made out of acrylic and crushed volcanic stones, which together form a surface with micro pores ...

Insulating paint - how does it work?

06 Oct 2015

Insulating paint - how does it work?

Insulating paint, does it work and how? The Kefa system is breathable coatings/paint that are water-based and are made out of acrylic and crushed volcanic...

Worst construction scandal in decades

02 Sep 2015

Worst construction scandal in decades

Worst construction scandal in decades:Thousands of homes destroyed by moisture As mentioned in our previous article "Why do you need to paint your exterio...

Why do you need to paint your exterior walls?

19 Aug 2015

Why do you need to paint your exterior walls?

Is it only because you want your house to look nice? Of cause there is more to it, take a look at the image below, an old house where the paint has gone a...

Exterior paint – after more than 20 years, it still looks like painted yesterday

21 Jul 2015

Exterior paint – after more than 20 years, it…

Long lasting protection of your exterior facade.KefaTherm Exterior is a very long lasting exterior paint that will last even if you have serious problems w...

What can KefaRid and KefaTherm do?

adobe iconCondensation problems

Condensation takes place whenever air comes in contact with a cold surface. The damages caused by dripping roofs, pipes and other cold surfaces cost billions every year. The traditional way of tackling moisture or dampness problems is to insulate the surface and try to keep the moisture out with a vapor barrier. read more

email iconRising damp

In a large number of houses, there are serious problems with rising damp. The consequences are plaster damages, crystallized salt and mold, that together form an uncomfortable climate in the spaces and reduces their use. Furthermore are a lot of cost to maintenance, not to mention the time used to repair, as for the moisted walls that are very cold not mot possible to heat up. read more


graphing spreadsheetsInsulation

Drainputz in combination with KefaRid can also be used as an inside thermal insulation without causing the common problems with inside insulation.
Used on facades, Drainputz in combination with KefaTherm Exterior, provides good insulation and protects against mould, algae, moss and frost damages. Drainputz not only improves the insulating properties of a wall but provides in addition fire protection.  read more

browserMold, algae and dirt on the walls

With KefaTherm Exterior, you protect your facade permanently from algae and moss. KefaTherm Exterior eliminates the common problems of peeling paint and frost damages on the plaster. The operating princip is purely physical and requires no chemical additives. Dry surfaces provide no possibility for algae and mosses to settle. read more

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up to 20% of all buildings in Spain have problems with mold attack to an extent that can provide indoor climate problems?

The majority of air purifiers on the market can actually give negative impacts to the indoor climate?

Buildings that smells of 'summerhouse' or 'basement' actually indicates an unnecessarily large infestation of mold caused by moisture problem?

water damage should be dried within 14 days? A research study has shown that water damage increases the risk of mold attack and after 2 weeks

low temperature in your bedroom actually improve living conditions for dust mites?

adequate coating on facades can reduce heating costs?

lighted candles emit large amounts of ultrafine particles into the indoor climate, which is suspected of causing serious health effects?

the smoke of tobacco is, in addition to tar and other gases, the worst source of organic dust in the workplace and at home?

Here we will publish testimonials from our customers

Michael Mansson

Quita Humadades

Almost 7 years ago I chose to use KefaRid paint on the walls of my living room, kitchen and bathroom in my old farmhouse.
Since then I have had no problems with cold exterior walls or condensation. And in the bathroom, I have been able to prevent the growth of mold on the walls.
Although it is 7 years that the walls were treated with KefaRid there is no need to refresh the walls yet.

The KefaRid treatment has acted as the vendor promised.

I will definitely recommend KefaRid!

Lotte Pia Uttrup

Construction ingineer
Construction technology, damages and indoor climate
Expert in Evaluation
Appointed Building expert